Group Policy – Interactive Logon

Group Policy Scenario – Interactive Logon

Interactive Logon

You are administrator of domain. You have been asked to implement a group policy to all computers so that users should get an interactive Welcome screen with caution message, while logging into the systems.

Your message Title should be: Welcome

Your message Text should be: Please do not save files on desktop, please move it to my documents


Launch Group Policy management console in domain controller. Type GPMC.msc in run command and hit enter.


Create a new Group Policy Object, name it Interactive Logon Policy. Right Click it and select Edit.


  • Navigate to Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Security Settings>Local Policies>Security Options
  • Here Select Interactive Logon: Message Text
  • Double click it, check the box “Define this policy setting in the template”
  • And enter your message in the text area and click OK


Similarly, select Interactive Long: Message Title, enable the policy, enter the Title and click OK


  • Group policy has been configured, now you can close the console and run below command to update the policy.
  • In run command type gupdate /force /boot /boot
  • Once command is executed, log off from your domain controller system.


Verify your results by logging into a remote system. You should see the message in the logon window.

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