DS Commands – DSMOVE

You can move accounts to different OUs or containers with the dsmove command. The difficult part about this task is building the DN, but if you’ve mastered the DN, the command is simple.

Note: You can also move objects with the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) and with the LDIFDE command.

dsmove Command


Move an object from one OU to another OU.

Dsmove dn -newparent parentdn

C:\>dsmove “cn=joe,ou=east,ou=sales,dc=habib,dc=local” -newparent “ou=west,ou=sales,dc=habib,dc=local” C:\>dsmove “cn=joe,ou=west,ou=sales,dc=habib,dc= local” -newparent “ou=east,ou=sales,dc=habib,dc=local”

This example moves a user account from the sales\east OU to the sales\west OU and then back.


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